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Architectural Traces of the 68s 


Vienna in the 1960s and 1970s is characterized by young artists, actionists and revolutionary young architects. It is the time of the Viennese avant-garde, which includes numerous well-known action artists and members of the Wiener Gruppe (Vienna Group). Not only in  Vienna, has this been a culturally exciting and radical period, but events worldwide are causing a sensation. We are talking about a time in which student movements, mass protests, the Vietnam War, etc., are taking place.

If one looks at the course of time from 1960, through 1970 to the present day, it can be seen that in the period around 1968 many important events happened. The year 1968 is to be mentioned as a significant date. The year was shaped by many radical actions, such as those of Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch or Günter Brus, whose content was oriented towards topics such as the Vietnam War, militarisation, sexual freedom, criticism of the educational system and social structures. Furthermore, feminism was given a voice with the work of Valie Export. The climax of the actionist phase in Vienna is probably the action "Kunst und Revolution" ("Art and Revolution"), or better known as "Uniferkelei". The spectacle initially agreed upon as a round of discussions, finally ends in an action event marked by perversion, scandalous scenes, and taboo-breaking exhibitions, in which the members of the Vienna Actionism and the Vienna Group lose themselves in an escapade.

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