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Another Breach in the Wall

Timișoara Architecture Biennial BETA, Timișoara (ROU) | Curatorial Assistance  

Timisoara (ROU)

23. September - 23. Oktober 2022

Curated by Davide Tommaso Ferrando and Daniel Tudor Munteanu 

The main exhibition of Another Breach in the Wall was dedicated to projects and actions that were capable of generating exceptional urban spaces by questioning the laws, rules and codes according to which cities are traditionally produced and inhabited. If laws, rules and codes are the invisible walls that organise our everyday life, the object of Beta 2022 has been the loopholes by means of which breaches are opened through these walls, making new and unexpected paths of behaviour possible. These interventions are not only performed by architects and planners, but also by designers, artists, activists, squatters and all who – alone or in group – adopt a creative and critical approach to the city, transforming the way in which it is inhabited. Within this frame, the aim of Beta 2022 was to demonstrate how urban space (the milieu where we meet, play, debate, protest, take care of each other, collaborate and much more) can be produced by anyone who is provided with the right tools and agenda.

The exhibition consisted of two parts: Installations along a route in public space and an indoor exhibition in a vacant space, the Monkeyhouse, which was taken over especially for this purpose. 

More Info about Beta here

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