Bettina Siegele 


I am an architect, art historian, educator, writer and curator based in Austria. After studying art history and architecture at the University of Innsbruck (AUT) and the University of Plymouth (UK) I was working as an assistant for the artist association and art gallery Tiroler Künstler*schaft as well as a producer for art in public space. Currently, I am an assistant professor and PhD researcher at the department for Architectural Theory at the  University of Innsbruck. I am currently conducting a PhD with the (working) title “Architecture and the Dialectic of Sex” and have published several articles on my ongoing research as well as presented it at conferences around Europe. Furthermore, I am an active member of the Doctoral Programme Gender and Gender Relations in Transformation: Spaces - Relations – Representations, and I am the current head of the Independent Architecture Research Colloquia (IARC) of the University of Innsbruck.