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Exhibition "NOT"

An exhibition by the youngCaritas

Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz, Innsbruck

07.10.2018 - 18.10.2018

Curated by Hanna Ruschitzka and Bettina Siegele

with works by: Michael Haupt, Heidi Holleis, Daniel Leiter, Rene Nuderscher, David Prieth, Lisa Saurer, Bertram Schrecklich & as well as students of the HTL Bau und Design, department of design, class for painting - surface design


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the organization youngCaritas, the NOT project series was launched. Its highlight is the exhibition of the same name, “NOT”, for which seven artists and twenty pupils spent a year dealing with the themes of "loneliness" and "human + goods". A goal was to light all of these different topics from different perspectives.


The starting point of the project was the intention to place the different areas of action of the youngCaritas in an artistic context in order to raise awareness of a broad audience. The various positions - some of which are very critical of social and political issues - offer hardly any suggestions for solutions but are rather intended to open up new perspectives and place the issue of need in a current discourse. The buzzwords "loneliness" and "human + goods" represent the starting point of the artistic positions. In a very differentiated way, the main themes were highlighted by the participants. Various questions arise, such as: Where does loneliness occur in modern society? Where do you encounter loneliness yourself? In which situations do people change from subjects to objects? What constraints and needs go hand in hand with this? 


The results of the various artistic work processes that have emerged in the studios and art classes of the participating artists and students has been presented in the context of this exhibition, in the hope of creating lasting impressions with the public, of overcoming old clichés and of animating each individual in everyday life to look, rather than turn away.

Download Exhibition Brochure

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